ilegal 1895.
redlands exclusive private lounge.

The light howling of the dry winds across the desert foothills passed around the Don as he sat restless on his horse, feeling the warmth on his face, these devil winds stubbornly accentuated his parched throat. A successful bandit, with saddlebags full of gold and treasures, he sought a place where he could escape the dry discomfort of a life lived on the open road.

Seeking a luxurious respite – a private retreat where all the senses could be indulged, the Don longed to celebrate with friends in an oasis of opulent food, drink, and companionship. When it could not be found, the Don created ilegal, an exclusive hangout for fellow banditos to gather and enjoy the success of their conquests.

Step into the world of the Don, step into the world of ilegal. A place where every night promises an exploit to indulge, a place where the dust of daily life is washed away by the flowing of mezcal.

Welcome to ilegal 1895. An exclusive hideout to indulge life opulently.